Victoria, BC residents

Just curious if there are any residents from Victoria here. I was in your beautiful town on Friday, stopped through on our honeymoon cruise through Alaska. Seemed to me that there was a number of perfect RC boat ponds, rather than having to sail on the open water like we do here in Annapolis, MD. I don’t know if I could live there year round, but if I ever have the luxury of owning several properties that would def. be on my list. Just thought I would check to see if any residents are RCsailing enthusiasts.

I live in Parksville, about 80 miles north of Victoria. There is an active club in Victoria that sails on a lake. They are active with scale and sail.

IOM and Soling 1m are active with interclub events including competitors from a two hour drive radius (some come by various ferries from ajacent islands). Most growth at present is IOM.

Nearby Salt Spring Island was the host for the Canadian IOM championship regatta in early June with 18 IOMs registered from as far as Ontario, Canada and California.

We sail year round. Some sailing spots are salt water, some are fresh water.

(except that I go south to Yuma, AZ for the winter with my IOM and sail mostly with snowbirds from Oregon.)