Victor Avalon 44? Posted By Trillium

I’m a forum newbie! Also to RC sailing, although I’ve done some full size time at the helm.
A question. Has anyone here built the Victor Avalon 44? I have one on order and can’t seem to find any construction tips anywhere specific to this breed of cat.

A hopeful thanks!!!

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Chad -

by it’s looks I would call it an enlarged cross between a Victor Soling and one of their Cup Class boats. (Soling hull and fin keel with lead bulb). You should be able to use those two building guides as an outline to build this one. Victor does a pretty good job with their plans in most cases, and nothing says you can’t refer to the US 1 Meter construction guide if you hit a place where their instructions need more info. Finally, there is always question/answers here.

Greg Vasileff has done a superb job on his Soling, and you might want to email him with questions. If like a Soling but with wood deck - the only area they have is with fitting transom to deck to hull - requires some filler and careful triming. Finally - at that size, many who have built M Class boats might have pointers. I suggest you wait for plan delivery and take a look - then post specifics as it is hard to make suggestions for an entire boat ![:D]

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