Victor Americas Cup Models

Anyone have any good pictures of the Victor America’s Cup boats? Anyone changed one to look more scale?


I’d like to take one of the Aussie 2 boats and build it with a “scale” cockpit. Of course it would also need to have an overlapping jib and spinnaker…(sshhhhh don’t tell Doug or Roy) I was thinking of using the paint scheme from Geronimo in “Wind”.


Kris, don’t forget the miniature inboard diesel with sail drive; I still say the Imp 24 Challenge is the way to go…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

does anybody know what boats they used in the movie wind. i think playtupus is the old couregous. and radiance is freedom. look at the bows

I know Geronimo was Liberty. It was down in this derelict yard a few miles from my house. At the time I just wanted to go down and pull the chocks out from under it and let it fall down (on DC’s head). It still showed the scars of the Newport Chain Saw Massacre of 83 when they did liposuction on the bustle. I needed rabies shots just to get close to that dog.

liberty was not that bad. it did win 3 races agianst the superboat. svadnre.

There a new yahoo group for all the the Cup Class Yatch from victor. the link is be found on the link page of AMYA.ORG

Is there any current activity concerning the Victor Americas Cup Models?

I recently completed an Il Moro. I am intersted in finding out any tuning tips, or if any one is actively racing one.

I have done some informal racing with US One Meters. Il Moro did OK.