Very impressed!

I just received my Pintail kit from Graham at Scale Sailing. It is a very nice kit indeed. :smiley:

I am striving very hard, to even come close to the level of professionally-put-together kits, that Graham offers. There’s even a laser disk in there t’boot. :cool:

2-goods were realised today…received a new sailboat kit, and learned what a pro kit should be like.

Thanks Graham. :zbeer:

Now look you two. This is just not on. We cannot have two of the best and most conscienscous suppliers of Footys making nice remarks about one another If this goes on people will be beginning to think we are nice people who sail Footys for fun!


Oh no we’r not
Oh yes we are

Calls of “hes behind you”
True panto style

Having tried to explain panto to my American wife Andy I just know that you are on a loser with that comment and the good citizens over here. You should have seen the raised eyebrow when I got to the part about the crossdressing in this annual childrens entertainment.

That’s a scarey thought Angus… we’ll be more careful in future.

And Nigel, you are very welcome.


Don’t they know that Juliet was 13 and Romeo 14 - and the the Feds are looking for the priest?:graduate::devil3::zbeer:

I don’t know what ya’ll er talk’n about, but I snuk in some personal gluing today. Put the hull bottom and sides on. It will get the transom near midnight, and will be decked tomorrow.

She will be called “Blood Moon”.

I totally agree. My Kittiwake kit was very well thought out, both in design & execution.

Could not agree more. I am on my second Pintail having already built two Kittywakes and the end results are getting better each time. The kits are good the service first class all I have to do now is to learn how to sail them properly.Bob

I’m pleased to hear that Keith at ScaleSailing (UK) is looking after you properly Robert. Sailing always gets better with practice and while practice means an afternoon by a lovely pond what could be more fun :slight_smile: