VENOM & VIPER Molds to a New Home

I just thought that some of my old friends would like to know that the plugs and molds and all related production tooling and jigs for the following yachts have a new home…

VENOM 36/60

These yacht will now be produced by Tippecanoe Boats of Everson WA… Will Lesh hopes to be setting up production early in 2013…

Bob Sterne (formerly Bob’s Boatyard)

Hi Bob -
just a thank you for allowing your designs to be made available for continued production. Hopefully the new ones will match the skill and performance you brought to the hobby. Only complaint is that by the time I got deep enough into the hobby to recognize the performances, I was already deep into multihulls and had enough of a marina to cut back on boats (big and small) and expenses - per my “chief accountant” (wife). [smile]

Hopefully you will continue to visit our forum and provide knowledge, experience and answers to questions about your design, and setting them up for maximum performance for new buyers. Your experiences and knowledge are invaluable.

Thank you again for this decision. Hopefully Will can carry on the tradition of some great performing yachts.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I was talking to Will today, and he reports that things are getting on track for the reintroduction of the VENOM US 1M…


What is the status on the Orca 3D?

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while… I don’t know what the status of the Orca 3D is, but if there enough interest I would think Will would produce them…

I am pleased to announce that Tippecanoe Boats have shipped their first VENOM US 1 Meter… Anyone interested should contact Will Lesh…

Merry Christmas to all my friend in the R/C Yachting world…