Venom micro servo specs

I can get the Venom micros for real cheap ( for myself) but the package has nothing on it but the Part number (VENF-8102) and the website URL ( I believe these micros are used in the parkFlyers and micro ParkFlyers. Retail price, $18.99 .

I was thinking about using it for the Footy rudders. If you hapen to know the torque rating, or if it would work, I’d appreciate the mention. But since it’s supposd to be for micro airplane ailerons or flaps, I think it might work for Footy rudders too.


i would say that almost anything will work for footy rudders, there is just not a whole lot of torque needed there… besides, shaving off those few grams… its worth losing a little steering when you are heeled over on your ear…:rolleyes:
besides, the green looks really awesome!

You’d be surprised what kind of micros are out there. I’ve seen them with torque ratings from 6oz-in to 40 oz-in.

Here is the servo mounted in the boat (glued to the sail servo bracket.)

All I need now is a micro Rx, and a 4 x AAA battery pack.


AA battery pack.

I am looking at the BLUE ARROW servos available from rctoys in Canada for US $10.95 each.
Here is the link.

Those are on the lighter side, of course. I suppose they could be used for my microswitch speed controls in the mini electric boats I have (the kids love those.)

I know there are usually auctions on eBay for lots of Hitec HS-55 servos, Lot of 5 HS-55 servos so maybe you can locate some of those in you area.

the only thing I don’t really care for are the servos with the wiring coming out the bottom