Vendee des Globes...



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Someone has to respond to Wis. Good site there.

VINCENT WINNER OF VENDEE GLOBE 2004…87 days 10 hours 47min 55sec, @ 11,28 knots!!!

Congrats to him and all the others


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

<center>If they hadn’t lost their second and third hull - they would have been a lot faster !</center>


<center><font color=“red”><font size=“1”>sorry - just had to !</font id=“size1”></font id=“red”></center>

Alright Dick, I’ll bite,

Why did Ellen give them such a big headstart then?

Will Gorgen

Hey - we <u>ALWAYS</u> do that - even up here on White Bear or Bald Eagle Lakes…let the scows start 5-10 minutes early and try to catch them before they finish.

The concept is to have “someone” out front to “chase”. You do know Will, - that sometimes it just gets boring always being the leader in a race - so we multihull people just have to come up with unique methods to keep the adrenaline flowing (the endorphenes-not the boat)! Tipping over is also one of them… so are broken masts, torn sails, etc. <font size=“1”>(a bad excuse is ALWAYS better than no excuse)</font id=“size1”>


But I acknowledge - perhaps a bit too much of a lead this time to catch them.

Raises a good question though - how come you don’t have to start during the start for these kind of events? Perhaps shortage of entrants means they will take you no matter how late you start?

Well Golding was sailing a dingy towards the end… He hit 9 knots without a keel, great seamanship as was Moloney’s recovery when his snappped. These things are right on the edge.
A freind of mine got to sail on skandia and had a look round Ellen’s B&Q Castorama last summer, lucky girl, I wanna go! I’ll see if i can get some pics when both boats are back in Cowes, no doubt they’ll be back on the corperate hospitality circus after a re-fit(and re-keel in skandia’s case!)

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