Hi folks,

I’ve put in a request, as many of you on this forum have I would imagine, for plans (VOR70,VOR60 to be precise) from the site. However, the site seems to be inactive, and my request has fallen on deaf ears.

Can anyone here provide me with those plans? I have access to 5-axis CNC machines and my university (I’m a mech engineering student), and I would be ecstatic to build a hull plug/mold using those machines and 3D drafting software!

Thanks in advance!

Hi achmeep:
The site is working now.
They were undder construction of a new one.

Thing is, you still need to request the plans from the webmaster. The issue is that the webmaster seems to have neglected his site, and does not respond to requests.

I have Illbruck, ABN Amro I and II, and Ericsson VO70 plans that I got from that website a year ago. PM me with your email and I’ll send the pdf’s along to you if they are what you are looking for.

PM Sent :slight_smile:

Plans sent :slight_smile:

Can I also get this plans, Ericsson VO70 please ?

Hi Tomek,

I would be interested in getting these plans too. I tried to PM Hew, but I don’t want to bother him, so when you’ll get the plans would you mind send them to me ?
I’ll PM my email to you.

Thanks a lot,


Had to ask Achmeep since he must already have all these drawings… So Achmeep I’ll contact you…


Sent them to Paulin … Tomek, you can PM me your email if you want those files :slight_smile:

I only have them in PDF, however. It would be awesome if they existed in CAD format. Anyone know if they do?

that was quick, got plans from hew565 Thank You

If anyone else wants them, I have stored them at:

You can grab whichever one you want, or all four! ABN Amro I and II, Ericsson and Illbruck

HEW565 & ALL -

would it/does it make sense to have a central site where all our plans could be filed/saved for download? Having a private site is nice, but requires upkeep, effort, and a general review of daily (hourly ?) requests for plan sets. Maybe having a “self-serve” location would help to centralize the location of all the plans we have/get - and at the same time make it convenient for those looking to find the plans. It might also promote the sharing of free plans for some of the “build-it-yourself” boats and new ones might be the incentive to add.

Not sure if Chad (owner - this site) has space to save/host a central files location - but if the interest is there, it could drive more readers this way, which in turn might increase class membership in the various classes allowing scratch-built boats.

HEW - I’m not familiar with the linked site where you have yours. Is there a cost, a file size limit, a somewhat secure access? If it meets all of the criteria others might want - a “STICKY” with the link could simply be added here - to direct interested folks to your site.

I think it warrants some discussion – anyone ?


It was one of many pages that came back with a search of “free file storage” on google. I signed up for a free account, and am allowed 100 GB yes, GB, of total storage, with a one GB limit on file size. I have typically used similar sites to send files that are too large to email, but this seemed like a good time to upload these plans once and let whoever wants the files get them as they want.

It is a bit of work to actually download the files as they want you to look at ads to get to the file. You have to wait 30 seconds on one page before the download will start, but it is free!

If there is such a service at this forum site, I will be glad to upload there! An organized folder system for members to upload and download plans sounds like a good idea to me. There may be a legal question to the forum owners as to copyright issues if someone uploads copyrighted plans… just something to think about. If there is not a good way to centralize one storage location, maybe a sticky where people could post links to plans they have stored offsite.


These plans, copyright by Francesco Bussi, 2005, are not to be used for any commercial purpose, but free license is granted for personal use.