Vektor IOM

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Anyone sailing a Vektor designed by Bantock? Please you mind telling me how they like their boat? I am interested in building this one.


Hi John

I have built both the Vektor and Zig Zag Grahams latest self build designs. I prefered the “Vektor” It sailed very well on my boat I built a skiff type Deck (Graham does not agee as it adds weight) I fitted a Hitec digital winch. Its a good boat I think my “Triple Crowns” are faster in a Blow.

If you let me have your Email address. I will let you have details of my Web Shots photo gallery.

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Thank you for your info. My email is


Hi John
Where might I find plans for the Vektor and Zig Zag?
Thanks, robert


You may get one at


if you’re in the US, you can order them from
postage is a lot less than from the UK.

does anyone have pictures? i am planning on building one after i finish my RG65, but am unsure which one.

Up here on the West Coast of Canada we have a club level project going where one of our group has undertaken to build plugs, moulds and hulls for the cost of material to build the local fleet.

We have a variety (5 now) of designs for folks to choose from and two of them are Bantock designs. One is the Kite and the other is the Vektor. We have worked out a royalty agreement with Graham and the hulls are legally produced.

I built up one of the Vektor hulls and did sail it for a while before selling it to another local person who is joining our fleet of happy skippers.

This boat is equipped with a Hitec 5995 digital arm servo, good fins and good sails and rigs. It sails very well through most conditions and is easily as good as most of the rest of the boats. It has very good speed and stability sailing to the wind and is quite good off the wind as well.

Generally it sails well.

I’ve got pictures of it sailing if anyone is interested.


I would be really interested in seeing some pictures of a Vektor, there seems to be very few floating around the internet! I’m just about to order the plans from sailsetc and get cracking on the build.

If someone could point be in the direction with some links that would be really helpful

my email address is


We have a couple of Vektors under construction here in Louisiana also. Like Barry up north, we are trying to build the IOM fleet around here and several have chosen the Vektor. We also have a Vanquish and a Noux (planked hulls) currently sailing.

I built a hull plug and a deck plug (skiff type) and made molds from these (royalty paid per hull). I have just today pulled the first deck from the mold and have begun to trim it to fit the hull I have already molded. I have some photos posted of the Vanquish build and the Vektor on my Flickr site:

hew (at)

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I am about to start to build a vektor and I was hoping you might still have photos of your build still?? If you do I would be grateful. I am also going to build a zig zag at the same time so any comments would gratefully received .


Hew - what are your thoughts on the Vanquish? Any major changes that would seem appropriate to make? Back when Dan Sherman was doing the design work, it seems he managed to strike a good, middle of the road performer, but I haven’t known anyone to build/race the design. Commentary and observations appreciated.

On an “Off-topic” note - some very nice floral photos there on your Flicker site. Congrats on nice work.

Regards, Dick

Why not build a Frank Russell Goth. It is a free plan of a thoroughly modern IOM - narrower and with chines.

and scroll down


I didn’t really sail the Vanquish enough to form much of an opinion. I think the foils were a bit thick and not up to “modern” standards. The Vektor is nice sailing and was competitive with the Noux, but both lacked in a breeze. Several of us built Lintels and I have not really sailed anything else since. If I were building from scratch again, I agree with previous poster, that the Goth looks to be a good place to start for a more balanced performer.