Vegas Vacation....

Well, I’m heading west. From December 20- Januarary 1 my wife, my daughter and I will take a whirlwind tour of Arizona, starting in vegas.

I plan on seeing hoover dam, the grand canyon, some of the Indian reservations, Petrified forest, golf in Scottsdale, , sedona, visiting friends in phoenix.

if any one has any good ideas on place to visit…let me know…

Check out some of the old Indian ruins located near Flagstaff. I remember cliff dwelling canyon just East of FS and another just North of FS that had a blow hole with wind rushing in or out based on barometric pressure changes. It was used to predict weather changes.

Don’t remember names, but google should find them. Sodona is another one. Check this link:

Also look up sailing clubs in the area and ask for ideas or AAA travel guide.

My wife & I met in Los Alamos in early 60’s, so its been a long time. I worked in the “Labs” and she was a teacher. Have Fun