Vbulletin? Forum instead?

Ok… As you all probably are very much aware the old forum has been switched over to this one. But I am still not happy with the layout and the feel of this board (I still miss my snitz board).

So I was checking on the boat fund and found that I could put some money towards a real industrial powered message board. Which is worth it as long as everybody is willing to use it and is happy with it. The message board that I have been looking at is called Vbulletin. It is pretty robust and all the very large forums seem to use it and like it.

Let me know what you think?

(I should again be able to move all of the data from the this board over to anything else I go to.)

Other boards:


Awww - I was just gettin’ the hang of this one ! :cry:

the snitz was very nice…too bad it somehow was buggy…I liked the way it looked!
No newer version??

Nope, they are still at version 8 now for about 2 years. I decided to go with the vbulletin and I am going to try and modify it to resemble the older board.

If you want to take a look at what it looks like so far I have it at http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/ . (warning dont post there because it will probably be wiped out when I transfer all the info over.) It is already 100 times easier to manage and import information into it.

Here is what I want to do with it:

Modify it so I have the “orginal post first followed by Newest replies”

Put in an image gallery and personal gallery

Create a template for the market place

Create a couple of styles for users to choose from

Make an advertisers forum w/ paid posts?? (use the money to help pay off the board and I would also like to start rewarding the top posters and moderators )

it looks very nice…and I like the idea…time to design t-shirts and caps

The Vbulletin format looks much nicer. I must admit, I really didn’t like the new board very much. It seemed too “busy” & lacked the ease of use of the old board.

When do you think is a good time to switch??

Sooner the better?

or wait till i get some of the posting options in again?

how about a poll?

but vbull looks way easier, clearer and better…

my 0.2 yen