USOM plug soon done...........

I am approximately 80% finished sanding my USOM plug. I hope to have it complete by friday at which time I will post pics and details. it seem to have turned out very well comsidering it was my first plug and all sections were hand cut. it probably is not the exact dimensions and profile of the design, but should sail well seeing that it is symmetric and the surfaces are uniform void of any bumps or hollows. Cant wait to see the final product.
Im done rambling, feel free to ask if anyopne has questions.

What design did you chose?

It is a Todd Brown Design, that has been tweaked a little due to my inexperience, but all and all basically the same design, by the Name of ā€œIā€. He says it sails very well, so I am excited to get mine complete and at least floating so I can start getting all the rest of details (Foils, mast, boom, sails and and paint) ironed out. It will take some time.