USOM Deck Opinions

Well, I finally convinced myself to put down the TP52 for a bit and work on my USOM. I drew up a quick deck today and wanted some opinions of this design. Now I am not posting for anyone to tell me that a flat deck is better for a USOM because thats not what I want to build.
My design is basically a “chute” from the bow to the stern. I have a 1/2" lip around each edge, that will be connected to the opposite side by a radiused arc. The radius is uniform for all but the last two sections. This avoids creating a “pool” for water to collect in. The max depth of the radiused sections is about 1". Just curious if anyone has tried this method and if they have any feedback. Attached is a pdf of what I drew up quickly in CAD. Looking forward to thoughts and opinions.

-Andrew Miller

i tried similar, with this deck. same idea, for the water to flow right off the back. the owner will give me feed back on how it works, when he’s done building it.

to sum, i think your idea is a good one.

My concern would be the possibility of increasing the entry of water into the hull through deck fittings, such as sheet exits etc.

Any water coming over the bow or rail would be channelled down the deck towards through-deck fittings.

I just built an IOM and gave it a slightly crowned deck to shed water. This has been very effective as the boat has remained quite dry, inside.

Andrew, I would be concerned that the foredeck may end up as a scoop when the hull is hard pressed.
Would you consider making the foredeck conventional back to just forward of the mast then having the mast mounted quite low with some mast partners to control sideways bend.
This would give plenty of space up forrard for the winch.

I have attached a couple of photos which show the style. This is now quite a common arrangment on current IOMs.

I had thought about it but figured this would be an idea that would be easier to assemble as one peice for vacuum bagging (it’s just easier that way. We will see what else I can come up with. Thanks for the input.

Did Brett from Duneden NZ not have an IOM with a fully scooped deck a few years ago?