Used Marbleheads?

If I am looking for a used Marblehead hull, prefferably a Viper, where might I look. Havent been around the sport for too long and dont know where else to look other than ebay, which isnt too helpful. Thanks for the time.
Andrew Miller

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Might also want to email the class secretary for the Marblehead Class. Stan might be better informed of guys within the class wanting to sell an “M” - long before the for sale ad hits the AMYA page.

The Viper line seems to be a relatively new design, so not sure how many you will see coming up for sale. Roy (Langbord) might also have a line on what popular designs have been sold recently. I understand Bob Sterne, builder of the Viper line of boats is thinking of retiring. Not sure if he is offering any “close-out” deals, but an email or call wouldn’t hurt. He is listed on the AMYA supplier’s page. Look for Bob’s Boat Yard. and remember, he is in Canada so prices might look “different”, although last time I was to his web, seems he had both Canadian and US prices listed.

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If you are really looking for a used marblehead hull, they are few and virtually impossible to come by. Don’t know too many people who have hulls sitting around that haven’t been built up.

Now, if you are looking for a used boat without rigs or electonics, thats a whole different matter. If a Viper is what interests you, first place to go is to contact the builder, Bob Sterne. You never know what he might have around and he might even know a few owners who might be looking to sell out.

Another place to go is the AMYA “Honest Ahab” page. You never know what a “boat wanted” add might turn up.

Finally, a few other builders to try who might have a lilne on some boats would be Jon Elmaleh (718-875-5678). I know Jon has some unbuilt, prototypes around. Also try Chuck Black in San Diego who might know what might be around out there.

Good luck.