used IOM where to?

There we go…I am BEGINNING to look for an used IOM…NO HURRY…as for now just gathering infos!

A few questions?

  1. where to look for?
  2. what kind of IOM could suit me?
  3. price range?

My wind conditions are light to medium…though in June it blows hard…



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for starters, you can check out:

geez the pound is high compared to the Yen [;)] thanks…I will aslo check overhere


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or if you prefer U$D,


thanks…will keep an eye OPEN [;)]


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Here you go Wis. A Fog hull is available in NZ. This is a competitive IOM design.

Let me know if you want me to check freight costs from NZ to Japan. I’ll be in the States next month if it’s cheaper to ship it from there.



Thanks a lot…but atm its a bit hard…in a month or so…still checking the amount needed though.

thanks for the link


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Bruce Simmonds has a good used TS2 for sale on the USA IOM NCA site with a bunch of rigs - an old design that keeps on winning!

Precision Park West:
Neurosurgery & Light Hauling

posted on the IOMICA SITE

Sail Number # AUS 56
Rigs A, B & C as new
Boat is less than 1 year old
Guyatt 280c sailwinch, Futaba 3003 servo (No batts,TX & RX)
Boat has the original Craig Smith fin fitted (Not parallel).
(Michael Grieve’s Disco recently won the VIC IOM States by 40 points with an identical fin!)

Boat is coloured Emerald/apple green in one colour all over & looks as good as new. Sail patching colour is matching green.

Boat also comes with clear finished BG Rig box.

Cost AUD$3200 includes packing (price does not include freight)

Boat is available For Sale immediately through myself, on behalf of the owner.

Brad Gibson
Mobile/cell Phone: +61 412 590 713

This boat has been Sold

Thanks for the posting ED,