USA RG65 Hull design and rig survey

Attached is a file that shows the results of a recent membership survey that you may find interesting. This portion of the data came from the 70 people who responded to our membership survey, and it includes counts of which designs are in use along with which rigs are used on each hull.

The JIF65 still leads the way with 32 hulls, followed by the Round Ranger with 23 and the BlueSplash with 13. Most of the newer registrations are not JIFs, so the top spot may soon change. Since I know that Craig Huzway has made and distributed over 90 Round Ranger hulls, there are clearly a lot out there that are not yet on the list. The owners of the missing boats may not be Class members, or they may not have listed them if they are still in process.

So, 70 people have 150 boats using 36 different hull designs.

On the rig question, I did not get as complete of an answer, so there are 53 unknown rigs out of 150 total boats. Of the remainder, conventional rigs are on 60 boats, swing rigs are on 27 boats, and McRigs are on 14 boats. Some owners use two or three types of rig on the same boat, so these three counts are adjusted accordingly.

I have also updated the Registration database to reflect the new designs. In some cases, like mine, I have five boats using three designs. The registration table only lists the BlueSplash, while the Survey table lists all three.

Have fun with the data. Become inspired to try new things. Sail fast!

thanks for the effort Eric. Interesting information for considerations emerge.


I understand, that be unique means you often get overlooked, but had no idea someone I shared my house, and booze with would completely forget.

Now I really wish I had impounded the winning NCR yacht.

I guess I just got lumped into the “unknown” category. Such is life I guess for being the first to get a huzway ranger on the water…Sigh…:sad: