USA Footy registrations

Well guys, I finally got it together for Footy registration. Bill Young is helping to coordinate with me, but the amount of info he can give me is limited by (the good) privacy restrictions of the AMYA.

I sent an email to all USA Footy owners I know of, in reply to your registration requests, including your COA sail numbers.

Please register with AMYA Open Class also. We are getting close to the required 20 skippers for class recognition. Your registration could be the magic number 20!

When you register with AMYA (or if you already have) please email me with the numbers assigned to you by Bill Young. The numbers he gives you will become your official sail number when Footys become a class of their own. So far, I have the AMYA sail numbers from Niel Goodrich (thanks) and would like to have them from everyone.

If you have a Footy, live in the USA, and have not requested registration with the Class Owners Association, please email me at

Keep your best Footy forward!


I registered with AMYA Open Class & Bill Young informs me I am the 15th member to sign onto the class. That means we only have 5 to go before the Footy will be recognized. It’s probably less by now…who will be the lucky sailor to hit #20???
Bill K
Footy #114

Bill Young just emailed me that he registered sail number 18. If you are that person, please email me and tell me who you are, so I can register you with the Class Owners Association…Sounds like that means 16 skippers…almost there!!

Bill H