I am wanting to put a US1M together. I am looking at the Zipper and was wondering what boat deminsions are the best. Some beams are narrow, some arn’t, 7" beam boats seem to be the biggest winners, or am I wrong? It’s frustrating trying to figure out what design to go with.

Please help me out.

I just sent the plans for the Zipper III to Jim Linville. He sent me his prints for mark-up. So there will be a new USOM plan available soon. I would definitely choose the Zipper III over the II (limited production model from '93) and the Zipper I (plans for home built that were taken from foam plug in '91).

Who do I contact about getting the Zipper III plans. I think I have only the Zipper I.

Check out the AMYA US1M site:

You will find the email link for Jim Linville (class secretery). Jim can provide plans and there are a few plans in PDF form available there too (sounds like the Zipper III are too new to be posted on the site, but maybe Jim can send them directly?).