US1M Yahoo Forum

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on on the US1M Forum? I have been waiting a week or so to get accepted.

Hi Don -

right at the moment, the current forum administrator/manager is overwhelmed by work. Last I heard he was looking for some assistance - or even to hand off to someone else. Jay Barnes (class secretary) has hinted he would like to see the forum go on the AMYA website, but like all things that count on volunteers, someone has to step forward.

I guess it would be opportune to solicit any volunteers. I would suggest anyone interested start by emailing Jay and advising of your interest. He can get you connected with the person needing help and you can go from there. Because of SPAM, I can’t give out Jay’s direct email - but if you are interested in helping - go to the AMYA Class page for the US 1 Meter and email Jay by clicking on the email link. Basically he gets the email, but it goes through the AMYA email system first so any SPAM can be blocked.