US One Meter Recommendation

Hey Guys,

Is anyone willing to recommend a US One Meter hull (or manufacturer) to be used in the future for racing?

Just like everyone else I’m looking for a good value package (everything less radio gear) to get started with, which (with upgrade) will allow me to be competitive in racing in the future.

Per my local club the most common racing in my area is US One Meter.

I’m good with building, but obviously very good instructions are a must.

Thank You in Advance for Your Suggestion or Recommendation

Where do you sail? Bob Sterne and Dennis Desprois both make wonderfully built and great performing boats. Dennis’ boats are optimized for the light winds in Phoenix and elsewhere.

If you sail in an area with more wind, then a wider beamed hull might be better, while in an area of less wind, a narrow and lightweight boat might be better. In each of these cases, you will be in the neighborhood of $1,000 or more for a new boat, if your budget can stand it.

Try the AMYA website and look to the list of builders in the classifieds. Then drop them a line and maybe ask for recommendations - and also references. Email references to find out their thoughts - since they are sailing a boat you are considering.

Thank You for the info.

Here is a link to the rcgroups forum where this fellow has two US 1 metres for sale.
This would get you started at minimal cost and still have good resale value.
Must be the best way to begin, don`t you agree?