US-12 Class

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Can anyone provide any further information on the new US-12 class. There’s a ‘snippet’ in the current MY with an add there also. By the looks of it, it’s very similar to the Mini-12 produced just north of the border, but with a larger ‘A’ rig.

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I asked same question on both forums with zero response.

Doesn’t it seem odd that a class can become recognized by AMYA yet it “Never” appeared in any published text from AMYA, the Open Class Model Yachting reports, etc.? Now I can understand that the guys forming the class would not necessarily have to post on internet forums, but considering the class and it’s (sudden?) recognition - where were any reports from AMYA ? Did the information just get shelved from any notice or promotion?

Just curious.

i have never heard of this us12. class. but if you are thinking that it is the mini 12. i think there are enough boats to be considerd a class. i dont have the amya mag. so i dont know what they are saying, all I know is the mini 12 is all over the place up here. and are real fun to drive. i dont own one. but some friends have them. and let me use them often. one guy brings a second mini 12. just to let other people run it. they are fun. If you come up with some information on this us-12. I would be interested

Just a tiny blurb in Model Yachting that the US12 Class is newest recognized class in AMYA.

That’s it.

Through the kindness of an AMYA contact, I heard the US12 is a smaller version of the EC12. Also there will be a little more about the class in the next issue of Model Yachting publication.

[font=Verdana]From my contact: “You might make mention on the Forum that the upcoming MY#140, the fifth issue of this fantastic publication to be sent out across the past six months to paid-up AMYA members, will provide some information about the new class.” [/font]

So those of you who haven’t yet paid your dues, please refrain from barking about not getting your magazine. It’s only $25 per year. Please pay it before complaining about not getting it. Thanks.

Something I’ve been wondering in regard to this, how does the US12 compare to the Mini-12 that’s been going in Canada for a year or better? From what I can tell, the US12 has a larger ‘A’ rig with the ‘B’ rig of the same size as the Soling. Other than that, I can’t really tell the difference. Both have nearly identical attributes.

Dues? I’m current until '06

Travis - my apologies for not providing additional information, but feel obligation to support the AMYA publication. After all, those who pay for it probably wouldn’t be happy to hear the outcome before it arrives. (or the movie ending either! :smile3: Once everyone has had a chance to get thei new issue, there will be plenty of time to do some research and get answers to questions. My major question was why and how the class was executed before many (any) knew about it. Just seemed to be a rather secret “happening”.

As for the dues issue, this was presented for some who had commented/complained about not getting their issues. When AMYA checked, they found out the people asking had not paid their dues. So to those of you who this may concern, if you “think” you paid your dues, but aren’t getting your magazine, please correspond directly with Michelle of the AMYA (Treasurer/Secretary) to verify your status.

Yep, the US-12 class is a Mini-12 hull with a larger sail area (I think they use the Soling one meter sail plan - the same as the Mini-12 - as a B rig.).
I think it’s listed in the AMYA web-site.


does anybody know . where i can get my hands on a set of drawings for an ec-12.


Stuff is on the internet. It depends on the meaning of “set of drawings.” The EC-12 is a boat that is built from hulls layed up in class owned molds. Any other boat built today could not be registered with the class. If you just want to build an un-registerable wood boat that has a narrow keel (versus the wider current keel), it has been done.

Search Milton Thrasher Gallery EC-12 and find his pictures and shadows on the boat design dot net site.

Also you can see the construction drawing and run a copy or buy a copy. Here is the direct link, but you could shorten the address to find pages leading to that page. I found that today thru a search - EC-12 construction drawing

It is a great fun racing boat and a great class especially in the eastern U.S. and some activity in the Detroit Tigers area. construction site class site

I found some very good sets of pictures of building EC-12s that I did not know existed thru the search as well. Three EC-12s being built or rebuilt. Glad you asked the question. This blog has links to picassa image galleries.

just seems to me that its just another class to dilute the water so to speak… rather than building an entire new yacht class, why not build upon the existing Canterbury J class…the US12 is so very similar to the Canterbury J with its classic lines… why not grow an existing class???

the price of the kit. @ 375…not too shabby though…

the idea for drawings was to build my own ec-12… if a class has its own mold. then you are sort of force to buy from them… IF you get my meaning… it sort of stunts the growth of the class…I know where i live. it has almost killed a class . the mini -12 is a great little boat. and fun to drive. but only 1 person make the hull and he is getting older. and tough to get that boat. about 7 year ago… that was the boat to get. i know 5 people that went out and got them… now . they are tough to find. i realy dont know how to get one.The Idea was a sound one. you would use the soling rig with the mini 12 hull. and boat to transport.
I am looking to build my own. too bad you could not do a "endeavour " type of hull in the class. pointed bow…

actually the EC12 class has several molds spread out amongst several builders. So no one person has the power to kill the class. the fact that the EC12 is a class rivaled only by the soling in sheer numbers and activity, is pretty impressive, and the fact that EC12’s from 20 years ago are still very competitive…also impressive as to the longevity of the class.

The US12 is in a situation where one person controls the mold, and hence the growth of the class. he gets sick, gets tired, boats are not made as fast… get bored, dies, ect…

Coug, the Canterbury J have a much more “classic look”

If you really want to get into an EC 12 hull on the cheap.

shoot me an email and we can chat… I have a robin hull with ballast, the hull split along seam it has been repaired, nearly ready for paint. beams for the deck put in place. it is class legal registered boat.