Urgent - to all canadians - ballot

Despite kind assictance from members in Canada, we have been quite unable to track down Bill Shorney, the Canadian Registrar.

The ballot on rig sizes closes at midnight on Sunday (I don’t think we need get particularlt fussed over time zones).

I attach a fractionally amended version of the UK ballot paper. Could Canadian members please use this to vote and return the votes to me ASAP. My email is translate@enterprise.net

It would belp if you could put the words Canadian Footy in the subject line.

Please pass this on to anyone you know!

A :zbeer::zbeer::zbeer::zbeer:

While I appreciate the effort to be inclusive, how exactly are you identifying CAN Footy skippers? If I get some friends to send you email, will their votes be counted?

I am not missing being part of the process.

Come on John, join in all the fun of the fair. All the graveyards of the State of Illinois voted for Jack Kennedy.


I had my wife, daughter, dog and cat vote as well…

some of them 2wice!!

In Canada–also known as ‘God’s Country’-- we’ve worked out a method whereby we only vote once. Mind you, there are still those who want proportional representation, and those who want “party” votes along with their candidate votes.
Just be glad that it’s ‘one owner-one vote’–not ‘one boat-one vote’–I have six partly completed hulls–@ 1/2 vote / hull, eh?
It boggles the mind!!!

And they’ll be wanting discounts for cash next!