Urgent need for Moonshadow pic!!!

Hi all,

We are in urgent need of a high-quality pic of Moonshadow for an article in the upcoming issue of ModelYachting. If you have one, please email it ASAP to me at billhagerup@hotmail.com.

Thanks for your help!

Bill H

did anything come of all those pics every one submitd earlier in the year for that magazine cant rember what it was called? cheers


I can’t claim that any of them fall into the “high-quality” bracket - I generally go for “desperate and evocative” pics

Pleaase feel free to use any from the public albums in


There are sailing and static pics in “Bournville” “Chertsey” and “colwyn” albums

I also have an artistic mirror pic (attached) - I can email the full size version of this if it is on use - the original is 1,5meg


Thanks, Andrew…I’ll see what we can do with those.

UKSail, a ton of pics were submitted. Some will be chosen for the issue based on quality, action, and space available. I don’t know yet how many will mke it to the issue. We need the Moonshadow pic to go with an article about Angus’s boat.

Bill H