urgent help regarding plan!!!!!!!!!

i want to know which type of motor should be used if the length of the boat is around 25 inches…
battery supply is of 7.2 volts…
and plese specify the details of the motor and pls suggest more than 3 types of motors…
and about speed controllers 2!!!
pls rply asap!!!


Recommend you visit your local hobby shop and describe what you are trying to accomplish. Most readers here use sail power.

Good Luck

Good Luck

thanx dats ok…bt anything dat u noregarding ma problem…or can u suggest any forum where i can post my querry???

dats ok but can u suggest the any forum on which i can post ma querry???

Probably RC Universe is best place. Try one of the electric boat forums


thanx alot…i posted ma querry ovr der…hoping 2 get rply asap…thanx…

Hopefully not a sign of the present educational system!

Perhaps too much glue work in confined spaces - or too much cell phone text messaging?


sory…actually too much cell phone messaging makes it in that way…but just avoiding that would u please suggest any site…or which speed controller should be used???

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this forum is about sailboats which are wind powered.
Try this http://www.rcgroups.com/racing-boats-electric-57/
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