Urgent - advice on book

I urgently need the tirle of a good, reasonably inexpensive American book on how to sail that is relevant to model sailors. Should be intendd for reasonably intelligent total beginners.

Thanks people.



It’s been a while since I was a sailing instructor trainer for American Red Cross - but they had a paperback book that went through the basics of sailing, boat trim, definitions, terminology, etc.

It has been 20 years since I ended my volunteer work with the American Red Cross as sailing, swimming and lifesaving instructor trainer as well as member of board of directors. Before leaving we made a recommendation to align with a sailing institution to co-author an updated book.

A quick check reveals: http://www.amazon.com/Start-Sailing-Right-Instruction-Certification/dp/1882502485 written by Derrick Fries.

I sailed against Derrick when he was North American Champion in the Force 5 dinghy class and the guy was good. Amazon has the book for under $12.00 (U.S.) and I haven’t read it, but seems it will cover most basics. Might also want to email Chris Jackson and see if your U.K. magazine (Marine Modeling) for which he was an editor, might have some focused publications on r/c sailing, rather than sailing in general.


Hi Angus

Sorry, not American, but the following book & video could be of interest to many forum readers.

We are planning a beer & popcorn viewing for our www.tanglewoodmyc.com skippers soon.

Thr only book I have seen mentioned on R/C sailing is the following Brit book. It was shown in the 90 minute video avail from Traplet. The movie contains segments on many of your Brit friends mentioned on this forum (Stollery’s son, Lester, etc). Racing footage is great and shows RC Lazer, IOM, Marblehead, Ten Rater and 2 Metre RA Class. These boats fly. Maybe we should bring it to the Footy NCR?

Radio controlled racing Sailboats by Chris Jackson
Traplet Publicationss Ltd
217-355-2970 order in USA
email usa@traplet.com
Video DVD406

PS. Derrick was from Michigan and raced at our Lake Fenton Club as a Mystery guest in a 12’ Footy Butterfly annual Blue Chip regatta. As usual, he won.

The best book I have come across was ’ Sailing, a beginner’s guide’ by David Seidman.
A very good example of how to write a text book for novices, as well. Many sailors I have come across would benefit from reading this, basic and comprehensive.

Now reworked into ‘The Complete Sailor’ I hope it’s still as good


Forgot this:

Chriss Jackson’s ‘Radio Controled Racing Sailboats’


sorry , second mention, I should read threads beforeposting, but the book’s worth reading twice


Not sure why I didn’t think of this earlier as I have recommended it to many friends new to regular dingy sailing…

“Invitation to Sailing” by Alan Brown Paper Back Book $12.60


He also wrote “Invitation to Sailboat Racing” which may be out of print and hard to find.

My vote is strongly for “Getting Started in Sailboat Racing” by Adam Cort and Richard Stearns. Published by McGraw-Hill, $14.95.

Traplet is UK based and the phone number (hotline) is at the top of the screen.

I like Chris Jackson’s book too, but I think it is still possible to go one better on the subject of radio sailing; maybe just a new edition with all the latest stuff. And some more or detailed advice on sailing an olympic course. The book is all well, but somewhat dated.

Angus - The best comprehensive books for sailing are the North U. Racing Tactics and Sail Trim. I used to teach a course on sailing and these books were basically my text books. Although for written for sit-on boats the racing tactics are clear and presented in an easy to follow manner. I think that a lot of Footy sailors have no real idea of what they are doing out there on the course other that getting from start to finish. These two books should be more than enough to clue in anyone to the real game of competitive sailing.