Until Later

Well gentlemen, its been a fantastic winter/spring season for the footy class. Well done!

I will be bidding you all adieu for the summer, as my access to the internet will be very limited and my time for footys non-existent. Keep up the good work, build some great boats, and I will be excited to hear about it all in late August when I return to civilization! My footys still sit shrouded in the SMM skunkworks, anxiously awaiting, as do I, the fall racing season… (hint, hint)

Keep mending Angus, we need you!

Anyhow, best of luck over the summer to all, and I’ll plan on catching up with everyone later!


Barratt, if you will go off and be a concentratuion camp guard/inmate or whatever it is you’re doing, you have only yourself to blame!

Seriously, have a good summer and come back full of good ideas. We shall miss the contributions of one of the class’s better designers (hint - after 3 months hard without remission, or whatever it is, you should have built up enough brownie points to get to some more open races in the autumn.

Cheers mate, and look after yourself. We need you too!