Unofficial AMYA web discussion site

During the current election process, AMYA members quickly found out of the inability to share information, discussions questions and ideas in a “real-time” discussion forum.

To meet this need not being provided by the current AMYA administration, and to provide information NOT just pertaining to the coming elections, Matt White (site host) and Bill Mullica (ODOM class) have added UNOFFICIAL AMYA discussion threads on Matt’s website located at and also known as WindPower.

While not an official website, Matt has provided a section for each AMYA region for posts, announcements, etc. so regional members do not have to wait for 3-6 months for the Model Yachting publication to be printed and arrive. Although not participating, it is known some current Board of Directors, regional directors and class secretaries are monitoring the site threads and topics even if they don’t post.

To make this work, you AMYA members are encouraged to visit the site and check your regional threads to see any breaking news… or, you can wait for the Model Yachting issue to eventually appear and find out the information is old, or the special regatta has already taken place.

Of course the third alternative is to ask the current Board members to provide a similar easy to use communications format on the AMYA site.