Ultralight 10-Rater construction photos

Maybe I found a way to post a series of photos. These are in an album, and you should be able to click through them by clicking on NEXT. The photos are captioned. There are 7 of them. I think there is also a way to view the album as a page of thumbnails. Hope this actually works. Michael


Looks great Michael! How much does it weigh as shown?

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Hi Doug,

The boat has progressed quite a bit since I took those photos. It is now decked and ready to sail, less the 6 turnbuckles.

The bulb weighs 7.75 lbs, so we can determine the weight of the hull, fin, rig and machinery by difference. With lithium metal batteries I was shooting for a weight-less-bulb of 2.5 lbs. I probably went over. For example, the blue paint job added quite a bit (it is automotive). We have a scale at the pond, so we’ll see when we get there. Best, Michael

C’mon Dick. I just cleaned up the bench in order to make space to take the picture. Thanks, Michael