Ultimate Battery pack

So what size battery pack should I be looking at to drive my hitec 815 and my hitec sail winch. 6 volt I guess would be max but what size batteries? hump pack? this is all new to me as I am using the pack that comes with the radio. I see some 6volt packs that look like they have C cells in them? One other thing the little 9v square batteries, are they used to power servos?


Hi Andy,
!500-2000mah rechargable packs will work nicely and give you many hours of service. I like to have two (or more for competition) charged and available if necessary, but one will generally last most sailing sessions. Use the packs with AA nmh sized batteries to save weight. You can buy them separately and solder them together to make your own customized packs. Another option is to make two small packs insteda of one large one. This makes it easier ti balance the load and allows a more efficient use of limited space. Good luck! HM