UK Scene

We’ve just had a 10 boat multihull event in Gosport last saturday (report here).

We’ve got another one coming up towards the end of the month and I will try and remember to take some photos this time!

Just had the second day of this. Breeze on and lots of action.

There’s a few photos and loads more people were taking shots which will hopefully find there way to me soon…

There are so few gatherings like this one that it is a tremendous oversight not to video tape the action and have a dedicated photographer present. These boats are so photogenic and the speeds that they attain such real eye openers for staid monohull sailors that to leave a regatta with so many Mini40s in one place (a great place at that) undocumented is to miss a great P.R. opportunity. Please bear this in mind for your next large fleet regatta.

Are you volunteering? Oddly enough it’s quite tricky to sail one of these one handed in 20 knots!

We only had two people helping with the scoring and timing so the only people who could take photos were the odd sailor who missed a race here and there. Just the fact that we’ve managed to hold an event and let people know about it is a huge step up from previous years PR and is a good start at least.

Hey, I know how hard it is to run a regatta or to get volunteers to get the tasks done, but Gosport is a large club with lots of different classes represented. If vane 36Rs can upload a video of their racing action on that pond then I’m sure a little quid pro quo with one of the other class’s members (they cover documenting your racing and some of your guys cover theirs) would be beneficial to both group’s interests.

Don’t get me wrong, I do congratulate all who attended for coming together for this event. I just am very curious, and a bit envious that multis have a committed following over on your side of the pond but not here. You all are lucky that way.

BTW, your Moth class boats are as beautiful and extreme as your r/c tri.

I gave it a hell of a try to push for two multi-hull classes back in early 2000’s - and would again, except everyone wants to play in their own back yard (as much as I do). If folks won’t travel for a once a year event, they are stuck in their local pond with one or maybe two boats. Ummmm - and Britain has MUCH shorter travel distances than here in the US as another observation.

I’m just sayin’ !!! :cool:

Hey Dick,

The driving distance between Gosport and Fleetwood, UK sailing sites at opposite ends of the country, is less than the driving distance from Brooklyn, NY (where I live) to my family’s cabin in upstate NY. Between these two famous model yacht ponds are all the many British club sites in the MYA, for my commute to the cabin I don’t even leave New York State.

Presumably by similar logic you should have a fleet of 10 boats in New York state alone? :slight_smile:

I think pushing 2 classes is probably a bit much - I think where Gosport has worked well is that Mike D has pushed the Mini40 above all others. The 2M is welcome but so far everyone has got in the same boat.

I think the other reason the Gosport multihulls have worked so well is that it is a purely club based. There is a core bunch of boats who sail at least once a month. That activity alone has pulled in the other Mini40 sailors from around the country and now we have something worthy of some PR!


Mike C

Hi Mike,

I wish it were so. Obviously my point was that the US is much larger and clubs are spread far and wide, not within easy commuting distance. Multihulls are a hard sell, the capsizing issue is a turnoff, and even though the speed and acceleration is exciting I think a lot of guys think that they are too much to handle.

Most clubs here in the US coalesce around simple, inexpensive, one design boats. An exotic multihull as the basis for club racing takes a unique group of committed enthusiasts. You are indeed fortunate to have fallen in with such a group.

Mike - regards to Mike Dann when you next see him from me.

Thanks for keeping us envious.