UK nationals

who won? report please.

By cleft stick

"Rob Vice first, Sailing an AWK. Richard Alford second sailing a Richard Alford. Team Mim third sailing an ANT. Fourth, another AWK (David Hawkins also FPSC) 19 sailed

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Can hear gentle bubbling of cauldron in background. No further reports!


Rob Vice 19 entries;Roger S. OOD ;Wind 4-6 kts, very competeitivetracing ;Good rule observance, no attitude problems

harles S was a mgnificent host as aleays

UK Footy Championships July 2009

A full report is in preparation. In brief: 19 skippers sailed 15 races in a wind which went from little to gusty as fronts passed through. Choice of rigs was of course a guessing game, some gambling on big rigs and others on mediums. At times the big riggers were very nervous, and at others the medium rig skippers wished they were carrying more sail. In the end it seemed to even up.

The first five place were as follows: 1st Rob Vice sailing a Stollery AWK, 13 pts! 2nd Richard Alford sailing a boat of his own design under swing rig, 37 pts. 3rd Charles Smith (with Mim Roche) sailing an Ant with modifed electronics, 59 pts, 4th David Hawkins sailing an AWK, 69, and 5th Geoff Sutton, also an FPSC member, sailing a BUG 3, 70 pts. All five boats were under swing rig. The full line up will be available in the report

The event was managed by Roger Stollery with great and sympathetic understanding of the Footy fleet and much encouragement for the slower skippers. We sailed the full RRS with courtesy and no difficulty throughout

I am glad to be able to report that three children took part, Hayley Vice winning the new Colts Foot trophy, and the award for the most courteous competitor, Lockie Vice sailing really well, and Mim Roche sailing some of the downwind legs for her grandfather (and doing them rather better!)

The cracking good team thanked by Chairman Don Videlo : RO Roger Stollery, Bosun Pat Reed, Line Judge, Helen Roche, on the water Phil Roche, Peter and Mim, and the famous Frensham by tea Mona Videlo, Rita Reed and Sheila Smith.

Frensham would like to thank you all for coming, some from considerable distances to make a great day

Charles Smith

grateful thanks to all those involved in running the championship