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Is this where the latest regatta results will appear too Angus?


Total non-sequitur: I looked up Sheboygan the other night since I have to confess that I couldn’t place it within 500 miles. Looks like quite an extensive pond to sail on! I may have to visit Pittsburgh and the east coast before long on business and wondered…


Graham - yes. + notices of Race. For ndormation about specific evens, go o the calendar!:graduate:

wondered Andrew?..
Strange that anyone has heard of Sheboygan at all really, yet some have. For the geeks amongst us the original role playing, adventure board game was a game called ‘The Creature that Ate Sheboygan’. And not many people know that.

We do have the monopoly on the world’s fresh water supply too :zbeer:


I must respectfully disagree, many have heard of the fantastic City of Sheboygan.

Furthermore, as a resident of the “Great Lake State” I would argue that we (Michiganders) have the monopoly over the world’s fresh water supply.

I thought 50% of the world’s fresh water was in Baikal - although the ormul seem not to agree.

All us cultured and musical folk know that Sheboygan is the “cutest little town in the world”

Now all join in the Chorus…

I have just BOUGHT more daa transfer capablity on the uK site. The cost is trivial and I do not mind bearing it. If anyone has any further problems, couldthey please let me know.

Everyone knows that the greatest quantity of fresh water in the world is in Canada, indeed in Ontario. Just one glance at a decent map will prove it. And that does not even include Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake, Lakes Winnipeg and Winnipegosis.
“As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances”, as we are wont to say, when pressed about it.

My appologies Rod… I guess it all depends where one gets ones information and how it is measured. See… …Third paragraph. Maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I read :scared:

Nope I didn’t know that song Andrew… care to entertain us :slight_smile:

Well done Angus… we appreciate it.


If I were to sing, you would not be entertained, I fear

But the song is

I can see that the US/Canada discussion could rival the AA issue!


…and another thing

as a geographer I know well that the largest amount of fresh water is locked in the greenland and antarctica ice sheets.

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  • the rate they are melting the fact will become incorrect sometine in the next 10 minutes


Graham Pugwash MacAllister
No offense meant or taken. We Canadians tend to get a bit too sensitive, living alongside the US. The purity of the fresh water in the Great Lakes system is becoming of greater concern every year. I live in London, Ont, on the Thames River, and I am also a flyfisher, so I am intimately aware of just how much dirtier the Thames becomes just by passing through even a small city. Nobody, but nobody, seems to be in the slightest mood to spend even one penny to make the river cleaner.
We all sail in the water, and every sailor has a stake in its cleanliness, just as much as every flyfisher and every citizen.
Forgive the rant, it doesn’t apply particularly to Footydom, except perhaps in making the water thicker and more resistant to the movement of Footys.
Rod (Just don’t lick your fingers)

Just an addendum to the previous-- I’m a retired biologist and can ride my hobbyhorses as well as the next man, but I’d like to add that the simplest and cheapest way to clean water is to run it through a swamp, (known nowadays as a ‘wetland’). The alternative is a ‘money’ and a ‘contract’ and a ‘design’ and a concrete tank.