UK Footies

Anyone here in the UK? I’ve got a half-finished boat. Want to get togeher and see who can come last?


PS If you’re not registered with this site, go do it. It’s perfectly painless - honest!

Things move on.

I’m the UK Footy Class Secretary Now - with a special little hat to wear. They’ll be giving me a bell next!

Seriously, if there are any UK Footies out there that would like to be registered with the class association, please contact me or phone 01492 534 356.

There is something in it for you. We’re trying to arrange all sorts of fun events for next season.

Angus Richardson

hello angus,

you regestered me a coupe of weeks ago my sails are #34. Does that mean there are 34 other UK footies out there?

I imagine having Roger Stollery in Guildford/Godalming there are probably quite a few footies near me. I’ve almost finished mine.

A couple of things though.

does anyone run any servo savers to give the sail servo more power to sheet in?

how high should my sails be? I can’t understand the rules. 305mm high just seeems really short. I’ve just done it by sight / feel. my main mesures 600mm!

my micro servo for the rudder doesnt have a great range to move the rudder only about 20 degrees in each direction.

I havent done my keel blub yet and have currently duck taped a roll of pennies on the bottom as a temporry bulb.

other than that i’m good to go and will give her a sail tomorrow at Stoke park in Guildford.

Also my keel is made of wood maybe a light pine, but as this foats I think it counteracts the bulb weight.

We now have 40 registered boat and there are at least another 16 in the pipeline.

Most of the Footys in the South-East are in Southwater near Horsham. I’ll e-mail you the secretary’s phone number.

There is a thread under Useful Hints and Rules that gives loas of details on the Razor, which I think includes mast and sail sizes.

Not sure about the problem with the servos since I don’t know the layout. Sorry.

Angus, you got a special hat?? I need to talk to AMYA about that…can’t let the MYA get a competitive advantage! :smiley:

CJ, your A rig mast can be any size you want. The B rig is restricted to 12" above the box. I haven’t found servo savers to be needed. For rudder travel, try playing with some different control arm lengths.

Bill H