UK Event - Springbok RG65/Fiesta Day 30th October 2011

I know there are a few other UK based lurkers on here.

Via Chris Jackson in MMI

Springbok Mariners in Alfold, Surrey are having an RG65 and Fiesta open day on the 30th October.

“Bring your own boat or come along and check out the fleet”

Contact details and location here

Springbok already have their own fleet of RG65s and some of us from Kingsbury will be taking our boats down. Hopefully my McRigged Cobra 5 will finally be finished by then.

For those that don’t know the Fiesta, it is a UK one design class very similar in size to the RG65.


Thanks go to the Springbok Mariners and Southwater Dabblers for organising a fun days racing despite the slightly fluky wind and the increasing drizzle!

Most races had a mixed fleet of 17 boats (roughly 50/50 RG65 Fiesta) on the water.

Mark Dicks brought along the prototype ICE (See robots yachts website) and a very impressive looking carbon version that will end up with a swing rig.

Agustin Moreno from SAILSetc and Vernon Appleton brought along a couple of boats including a carbon fibre prototype of the Argon (see SAILSetc website)

The rest of the RG65s were mostly JIF65s and Pumas (JIF2) with a Bantock Rogue and an RCSails Siri65 thrown in for good measure. The servo tray on my Mcrigged Cobra decided to disintegrate so there were only standard and swing rigs on the water. An interesting variation on one of Agustin’s boats was a rotating mast with a fixed gooseneck and a conventional jib.

I completely forgot to take any photos but I’m sure some will start to surface in due course. Link to Dabbler news article There may also be a write up in the next issue of the MYA Acquaint Magazine.

The Fiestas just took the day on the water but that might have been different if Mark and Agustin hadn’t missed the first couple of races.

A re-match has been pencilled in for the 7th October 2012 at Southwater.