UK based RC help

Morning all,

…at least in the part of the world where I’d like some help.

I see that some of you are UK based. I have been sailing for a while, but not RC.

Where would you start in getting together a set of electrical-mechanical and electronic bits to connect the sailor to the foils in a controllable way? (The MYA website lists a few suppliers, but they are pretty much all for larger boats, and it seems to me that mass is going to be at a premium)

So advice on:
2 channel RC: transmitters and receivers

Sources and models…what you use and where you got it from…

Thanks in anticipation


Hi Ian, I’m not in the UK these days but I remember my way around so I’ll give you a couple of pointers. Using Al’s Hobbies as an example scorce online.

If you want a basic economical RC set them many people use the Hitec Ranger shown here It’s important to use a ‘surface’ radio on either 27MhZ or 40Mhz in the UK. A set like this will give you the receiver and battery box you need for the boat and one of the two ‘standard’ servos supplied can be used for a sail control servo. Most of the footy designs and kits these days then require an extra micro servo for the rudder control like this one…

I am pointing out the cheap and cheerful end of the market here and of course you can spend more. I use several of the Futaba 2DR sets which is their cheep set but I don’t see that one at Al’s. I also use a Spektrum DX6i from this page which is a great set.

Boat wise there are the free plans and a couple of kits. I will declare an interest in my own Kittiwake K2 kit available from

Contact Angus on here who will be able to point you at any other hulls available over there. Whereabouts are you Ian?

You will have a great time with Footys I am sure.
All the best,

Very helpful thanks. Enough to get me started, and low cost is good, to start off with.

I hope to be home in Worcestershire again soon!

There seem to be a good range of appropriate modelling materials on the same site.