U tube video of foiling tri

Has any body seen this video yet? It has fixed foils and really sails well.



Tremendous speed, but only one bit of footage where he tries to tack the boat - around the 3:30 mark or so. In all other instances, video is cut as he tries - either he has gone into irons, or been backwinded, or … ???

All other changes in direction in the video are gybes, which if you have this much speed to develop a lead, could still be effective. Doug Lord’s MicroSail trimaran did a better job of tacking, as I had opportunity to sail one for an afternoon. Unfortunately light/fluky wind and pond weeds would also inhibit performance - Doug’s and this one.

Just observations.

Isn’t the insistance on having races/saling thatdemand things like tacking and gybing type forming and totaly at odds with the spirit of an open rule?

Not at all.

:graduate: A Notice of Race (NOR) in which the prescribed course, the schedule, the days, the dates, the starting times and any changes to the racing rules are posted has no bearing on boat class rules. This is obvious by comparing the Olympic triangle for Tornado Class boats to a regatta of around the buoys where windward/leeward is prescribed, as opposed to Round Texel which is a long distance race. None of the courses have anything to do with altering the boat or it’s class.

My observation of the video was made whether the boat sails by itself on a pond, or whether it is entered into competition against other multihulls.

:mad: Are you “trolling” here hoping for a less than kind response and a moderator’s intervention?

No, I am poining out TO YOU how silly and unwelcome your interferences in Footy affairs have become. I am all for freedom of opinion (and design), but I am beginning to ge complaints rom (mostly American) Footy owners.

I have attempted to treat te matter as a wry joke. You have both brought i into the open and put the matter to a moderator. I really am very sorry, as in many waysI like you and admire you greatly, but there appears little alternative but to respond in kind. :confused:

But reteurning to the beef, you are of course being totaly inconsisent. I speak largely from a point of view of ignorance, but it is my impression that on such odd occasions as model multihulls do compete (as opposed to cartwheeling past the breathless grandstand) it is assumed that the RRS will be used.

Yet the RRS effectively makes at least types illegal - the kite sailer and the reversing proa. The freedom of design is being tacitly overridden elsewhere in the panoply of rules that governs racing of the boats. The design freedom is illusory and dependent merely on which file some yachting bureacrat has decided to put something under.

And before you say tht you do not have to use the RRS or can over-ride it:

1 you can’t override the piece concerned (i.e. think)
2 I don’t know what the AMYA has to say about it, but the MYA doesn’t like non-RRS races one little bit.


No specific response to your posts but just a general one -

Welcome to the multihull forum section where you can post what you wish, and responses may or may not appear.

Please let us know how we can educate you further regarding these boats, their construction, rules, or performance. If you wish to have a “hands-on” experience, let me know and I’ll connect you with a few of your local countrymen for a possible demo. You are also free to seek for yourself. - try British Model Multihull Association (BMMA) and Robbie Nevitt specifically. I do not believe they are connected in any way to the MYA, but I could be wrong.