U.S. Formula 48 Class Owners Association Membership Update Effort

In an effort to locate, and renew or re-register the multihulls originally enrolled and registered with the Formula 48 Class Owners Association, an effort to contact former registered owners will soon be undertaken to renew and locate all of the F-48 multihulls. The original list dates back to 2002 - 2003, and may very well be out of date. First we will attempt to contact via email on file - however, anyone reading - or knowing of an existing boat is encouraged to post the boat make, model and assigned sail number here - or email me/PM me with same information. If you sold the boat, help in locating it’s current owner is appreciated.

If you have built an F-48 but never registered it with the Formula 48 Class Owners Association, you are also encouraged to do so in a similar manner at this time.

Please pass this notice on to others who may not read this particular forum.

Many thanks
Dick Lemke on behalf of the F-48 COA

is there any organization existing for an F-48 in the US? If so, is any information online about it?


There was, then there wasn’t and now it looks like it may be time to start it up again - based on interest.

There was: http://www.formula48.esmartweb.com/index.htm

Too many “talkers” back then and not enough racing. One current past member that just confirmed with me he still has his and races about 3 times per year. Better than most, so hard to keep an “organization” going when there is alack of general interest and only one or two good sources of kit parts for non-builders.

I’ll invest the effort (again) if there is enough interest to “stir” others into action.


No racing, but I have been sailing my trimaran the past couple weeks. Another trimaran in my club is getting close to complete. Once that happens there will be some local racing here in Austin.


Is Mitch going to finally get his in the water?

Yes, Mitch is getting close. He was over yesterday and we finished the fiberglass on the center hull and the crossbars. That was the remaining fiberglass work, so now it only needs paint and a rig. Early work on the rig has already started…