Tying a knot exactly where you want it

What tricks do you use to tie a knot in rigging exactly where you want it? Or tie a loop in a piece of rigging in an exact place? I have had some success using small locking forceps. I lock the forcpes at the point I want the end of the knot to be. I then tie a simple reef knot and holding it tight put a dab of super glue on it. Once dry I tie another reef knot and glue it again. What I really need is a way to place a bowline in an exact spot. Any tips?


Good question. I’m curious is anyone has a technique for this.

A bowline with the end of the loop in exactly the right place seems like a challenge. The internet tells me that a round turn and two half hitches can be a good knot to tie on a line under tension. But it sounds like you really need a loop in a specific place.

If you provide the application, folks may have other suggestions for the task but not necessarily your chosen method.

You may try a surgical knot. Just an example here : https://youtu.be/fnwdON-OiFY

oen thing I have done if I need a loop in a specific place. I will mark the line where the end of the loop needs to be adding about 1/8" of an inch

Then fold the line at the mark and then tie a half hitch or a figure 8 knot(need to add 1/4") in the doubled over line.


I think the non-slip loop might work…never tried it though


Another great option would be to use a braided hollow core line and do a long bury splice

Thank you very much. These suggestions will work. I also found a surgeons knot will hold tight while you tie the second knot over it with most line.
You guys solved my issue. Thanks!


interesting question. I don’t have any trick or recommendations. but I tend to use a bowline like on full size boats for the end of my sheets. Yes I need the loop at the right place so each sheet has the correct length. I usually look where I the end of the loop then I account for the knot + a bit more before I cut the sheet. Then I do the bowline but I don’t tighten it so I can still adjust it to the exact place I want the loop to be. Bearing in mind that as you tigh the knot the sheet will increase in length by a a mm or 2.