Two new Footies sailing!


Well, I must thank for the nice plans for the Razor 3 and Harpy. Boy they where a lot of fun to build. I finished the razor 3 first and tempted the waters with a Mac A rig. A bit modified in the sense it has a longer luff and jib but the foot remains as per plan. Weight overal with this rig was about 480 grms. It worked well enough to get it sailing and trying it out for the first time, but I was leaning lower than 45 degrees in strong winds so it was a bit hard to control in strong gusts. Relentlessly I proceeded to make a Uni rig like the ones in the plan. Same dimensions and all and retrofitted it to the razor. Left the other rig aside for now and continued to build a harpy which my dad in law started building before going back to Ecuador. So last Friday I had two completed footy sailboats ready to to sail. I was very impressed with the performance of the Razor and the Uni rig. It felt like it glides over the water, and in strong winds it is a bit easier to handle. Nope, I dont switch sails depending on the wind speed, but it sure is fun to sail this two.

the harpy was matched with the Mac rig A mod, and apparently it was the right combination. Saturday my son (6 year old ) and I went to the local pond and gave it a try at racing each other before his soccer game (at the same park) and we had a blast! I was chacing him up and down wind, right and left and whatever straight sailing line we took on, the harpy always had a beggining advantage but the razor always was closing in fast! and i mean, very Fast (ok, so I let him win in interest of keeping him excited about it!)

My razor had a home screwup bulb I made by banging and hammering, glueing and taping some lead that I had around. The Harpy, I made a mold out of clay of a rough size and shape of what I wanted to get close to. Made two halves and glued them together and sanded away the shape. Hydrodinamicaly much cleaner than the razor.
This past Sunday afternoon I was sailing late in the afternoon and my rudder post failed. I gues Carbon Fiber is not that great as for this function, so anyway, In the downwind leg I was skimming fast the surface when I saw something float up from underneath the boat, and the razor made a sharp u turn and lost all control coming to a complete stop. It took me a while to wait for the wind to blow it ashore but at the end I recovered the rudder and the boat! (that should have happened with my sailplane and all I would get is a big trashbag!) Back home y was inspected what went wrong and could see theat the brass bushing holding the rudder post had a flange that basically cut into the carbon fiber rod. I took the ooportunity to fix the rudder and at this point decided on modifying the razor’s bulb to get a nice hydro dinamically shaped bulb. Boy its going to be faster without all the parasite drag!

I must say it has been a lot of fun and cant wait to get back to the pond with my kids to have a new race (well, chase around my son kind of thing)

Here’s a picture of each, hope I can load them!


Hey Enrico, welcome to the madness my friend. :jester:
It is great to read your smiling face good news story and of the fun you have with your son.:slight_smile:
There is a heap of help available on this forum from some very clever and generous people.:graduate:
Never be afraid to ask.
Best wishes.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

It is indeed a great and very helpful forum. For now I’m still trying to grasp many of the sailing terminology but I guess i’ll go slow for now. My dad in law will be the next addition to the sailing experience (actually I have to thank him for bringing us to this side of the hobby) but he spends seasons with us and also back home in Quito Ecuador. My goal is to get the family involved and have fun, but at a later time, my competitive side might kick in and regattas can be in the future. Wish there was more active participation in the footy class where I live (daytona beach, fl) but maybe, If we build enough boats we can have a regatta of our own :stuck_out_tongue:


Enrico, there is a very large, active AMYA club sailing a few boat classes in Daytona. A few years back, they hosted a major Footy event and had some regular club Footy activity led by Paul Taylor.

Unfortunately, the Commodore at the time had some issues with a couple of us and how we run our class. Given his influence, that apparently resulted in Footys falling into disfavor. I hear that the Commodore has since fallen into disfavor with the club, and they now have a new Commodore.

I’ll bet there are still Footys there, and that informal racing could be arranged if you join the club and find them. Check the AMYA website club listing for contact info and pond location. Who knows what the future might bring if you rekindle Footy interest?


there is also a HUGE following in Orlando on the east side have had two National footy regatta’s Sunday Sloopers…that sail at Firkin and kiegler SP

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the information. actually I’m looking forward joining their club since that is the pond where I sail most of the time and my son has his soccer practices. They have open sailing on Saturdays starting at 9 am and regattas for their different classes are held mondays and wednesdays in the morning. Due to my work schedule I can’t make it until either the afternoon, during work days, but I get of the weekend including fridays! This past Saturday I met with some of the members at the SDMYA and one of them said he still had a Footy in his repertoir. As for the club officials, their website list as Commodore: Bud Delaney and Footy Fleet Captain: Chris Coxe. Hopefully I will be able to join the AMYA and the Daytona Beach SDMYA club soon. Just waiting to get moved in to our new home so I can have everything mailed to our new address.
Maybe, i’ll be able to rake some movement going with the footies and like you said, rekindle Footy interest!