Two day events

In a 2 day event like that coming up in Liverpool, will I only get one chance to chose sails, or will I be allowed to select a different pair for day 2 ?

I seem to have enough trouble selecting sails to last 3 or 4 hours let alone 36 hours :rolleyes:



Hi Firstfooty,
You seem to be serious about a Liverpool campaign!! good for you.
It is my belief that you may only use 2 rigs throughout the 2 day event…or even a week long event for that matter.
Choose carefully and make sure your smaller rig is as effective as possible,In my experience I have found the cross over point in rigs to be in the 10-12knot range pretty much regardless of overall weight of the boat. Roger Stollery has indicated to me that his experiences are similar(his boats are upwards of 650g).
I really don’t understand the negativity often seen in these forums regarding the Footys smaller rig,12 knots isn’t exactly howling and all my boats to date sail better upwind(less rig drag) and are more manageable downwind with the smaller rig,often a boat with a small rig will beat one without.Others of course have different opinions.

I azgree


Welcome back to the ether. What with you being temporarily off-line and the American/Canadian lakes beginning to thaw contentious posts have been a bit thin on the ground recently.

Keep an eye out for the Burton club web pages for their Footy race reports as we had a good, if not a bit slow, meeting there last Saturday. There were about 7 or 8 Footys in the fleet for the early races although 1 or 2 with only small sails called it a day just after lunch. I must admit. it cannot have been much fun just watching your boat doing slow and totally uncontrollable 360s while the breeze decided what to do next.

After the racing we had a discussion about the future of Footy U.K. - so expect a call from Peter Hubbard to keep you in the picture.

All the best,