I have a US1M Mistral with 60’ luff homemade TrisPi 25 sails. I seem to have too much twist. When close-hauled the top of the main luffs first. When I try to pull the twist out with the vang I get a crease from the clew to about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the mast. Should I have more luff round? That was my first idea but I think that would put too much draft in the sail. I want to make my own sails and have put together about six sets. The jibs seem to work great-nice and smooth, but the main always seems to have to much twist. I have the full 2.5" roach. Any help would really be appreciated.

More foot round? I struggle with this on my EC12.

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The problem turned out to be not enough downhaul tension. One day I’ll know what I’m doing.(hopefully) Thanks for the suggestion.