twist cover hatch

I am changing my US-1M hatches to a twist type and getting rid of the tape. I have seen the Variant and was wonder where he got it. I just received the Midwest but they are too small. My small drum winch will not fit through. I have tried many but they don’t hold water or can not be glued. Any suggestions

I have used the microwaveable soup containers that are about 3.5" in dia with good success. Simply use electrical tape to cover vent holes. Footy Half $SS used this hatch.

I use a lid that has a 4" dia hole. We get them from a supplier called " Industrial Paints and Plastic" but I think it’s a local firm. Sometimes I see them in big box stores with nuts or peanut butter in them. Under the lid liner it says “Delta 110mm”.
A few of the locals use them with good results.

Bill -

I also remember using a small, plastic dog food container ( Benifull brand ) - I just cut the bottom off, epoxied into deck, faired with microballoons. Has a “snap” type of cover - not a screw on. Photo was of an RG65 of grandson during build. I have more photos at home, but will give you an alternative idea.

Regards, Dick

I use these bayonet fittings for my submarine water tight containers.They are 100% leak-proof.They are easy to glue-bond a polycarbonate disc for a window.
These can be custom machined with a deck mounting flange.