Turning the industry around one customer at a time

Climate Models is pleased to announce that we will now give free shipping to any customer who does not receive a reply to any e-mail, phone call, or letter received by Climate Models in a timely fashion.

The sailboat kit industry (RC model industry in general) is overwhelmed by poor service before, during, and after a sale.
On line stores can look impressive, but how can you be sure you are dealing with a reputable business that will look after you, and not rip you off?
A customer is often left confused and wondering if their personal information is safe, and when (or if) their order will ever be shipped.

We at Climate Models would like to try and reverse this current trend by offering, you the customer, a better option.
Climate Models believes in customer service before all else. We promise to communicate with you in a pleasant manner and look after you ASAP, no questions asked.

You will get timely, considerate, responses to all inquiries, orders, and after sale service.
We have a full time customer service department to handle all of your modeling questions or needs.

Give us a try. We think you will appreciate the kind of customer service we offer.

Peter Richards
Customer Service @ Climate Models

We will always return E-mails, phone calls and other correspondence within 24 hours of receiving them unless otherwise noted. Some conditions apply. We will deduct or refund the shipping costs from any order placed where a response was not received in the specified time.
Please see our customer service pollicies on our website at www.climatemodels.com for full details.

Visit www.climatemodels.com

Wow Peter, That is a NEW approach! With the dealing I’ve had in the past, I thought poor service was just something you had to put up with, if you were a RC’er. I know where to look for my next boat.

Keep up the good work.

Oh Well!


Seems you started with this initiative even before anouncing it!

Great news, hope others follow.

Marino Holguin


The more I practice, the luckier I get.

tower hobbies has excellent service. i ordered a kyosho seadolphin combo kit as my first rc sailboat back in 2000 and the radio was lost somewhere along the way. i notified towerhobbies and they sent me a replacement radio via airmail. i got the radio in a weeks time and got hooked to rc sailing ever since.

I have had the same thing…some stuff arrived broken, I emailed and soon after it they re-sent it!
I still order from TowerHobby, great prices, great services and nice support!

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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i have had good service from climate boat works. they were fast and good . i have used tower, they too were fast. but the problem i have with tower. is that they dont carry alot of sail stuff. they are big into airplane. with the problems we have had with the manufactorers in this hobby. i think what climate is offering is a good idea. it may get people to trust the companies again. what wis just went though with peter birch. confidence is low. this may help
thank you peter.
this may help
btw. too all members I drive climate epoch.
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long live the cup and cris dickson

I just ordered some parts to build other parts with from Amazon.com and one of them was defective. Right there… in the box it came was the packing slip with the words RETURNS ARE NOT A PROBLEM! so I followed the directions, filled out the online form… printed the UPS label they provided… put it on the box to send back, received an email from them (personalized not a BOT message) telling me my replacement order would be sent immediately, and to please affix the label to the box to be returned. I was told I would be charged for the 2nd one… if the first was not returned within 30 days.

They OVERNIGHTED the piece to me, and I handed the defective one to the same UPS driver that brought the replacement. That’s right… corrected within 24 hours. NO CHARGE!!

HOW you can get better service than that… beats me. As with TOWER… too bad that they don’t have more things we need… but WOW what service on the things they do have!


The thing about tower that irks me is that it’s 5 miles from my home, and I can’t go pick stuff up.

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lets try not to turn this discussion about how great towerhobby is [;)].
The only difference they have with servos are, here they r made in Japan, @ Tower’s they r made in Malaysia or Taiwan…but even with shipping, they are cheaper!!

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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I’ve had good service with Servo City. Even was able to pick up my order, though it’s about 25 miles from where I live. And the building could use some better marking, but they’re super nice people.

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Don’t forget to have fun!!!