Turnbuckle Help

We’ve been having a tough time sourcing turnbuckles our boats, currently we use a Sailetc medium hook style but modify it to work with our chainplate system (a bit of a pain).
Does anyone know of a double ended low profile turnbubkle for larger boats?

Current modified Sails Etc part, eye is welded onto a threaded rod floating in one end of the turnbuckle.

Hi, have you tried this address ?
: http://www.modelyachtfittings.com/

Thanks Claudio, looks cool. I’ll e-mail them and see if they can do anything that’s not brass, looks like they have a custom section.

Hi John,
This morning a was entering Cap Maquettes and found out a new site organization.
In the section Turnbuckles there are of different length from 30mm up to 100mm .

graupner micro magic aluminum turnbuckles

I have ordered from these folks before. great service very fast. and believe it or not… they were cheaper by a fair margin than the US supplier even after shipping…

Cool I’ll check them out both options, thanks guys!