Tuning Guide

A Seawind Tuning guide off the old Seawind website, and given to me in paper format by the New Zealand Radio Yacht Squadron (racing seawinds at Onepoto Domain every Sunday afternoon).

Apologies for the quality - I have this in my pocket most race days and it has creased.



this may be better !!

Hi guys;

New to RC sailboats and have a dumb question… In the tuning guide it refers to degrees from centreline for the boom and jib adjustments. I don’t fully understand if this refers to the boom/jib being set initially to that value in terms of the left/ right swing, or if it refers to the boom angle from level ( i.e. Boom/ jib pointed up from level. Can one of you give me an idea of what this degree value refers to?

Big thanks


Thanks Don… Had a feeling that’s what it was.