TS2 "replacement"

I have seperated some pictures of Craig Smith’s new slim line (230mm or 250 mm beam - depending on who you believe) boat .

See www.oziomz.com menu Photo Galleries/IOM Designs


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Do it NOW before it`s too late.

I can tell you right from the start, Ian, What I know about IOM can fit on the head of a match. Saying that, in the talk about TS2 , I haven’t heard anyone talk about the TWO TS2 types? The “hard” one and the “soft”. Some one told me recently,that the soft one was built first and is far superior to the second hard one? Do you know if this is true? Now I do own a Fat Dog two by Struan Robertson called “OTTO”( cause its’Bin’ everywhere)That look similar to a TS2.That far exceeds my capabilities. So my question is Why do we need a TS3?

Just for history’s sake , last week Craig Smith won the World’s IOM championships in Australia sailing … you guessed it, with a TS2. Nough said!!!

call it TS2.5:p :reyes:

Hi Steve

I don’t think Craig was sailing a TS2.


Steve was right…what he knows about IOM can be fit on the head of a match.:slight_smile:
Just kidding Steve.
Craig was sailing a new design of his own I belive…not a TS2


If you look at the Competitors’ list from the IOM worlds it says that Craig was sailing an Obsession.


enough said:king:

Y’ll reckon it was an Obsessional TS2.5, TS3 or whatever . You can’t dispute the mans a real gent. Well done Craig.

we never did!

The boat Craig won with is his own “Obsession”. But that is not the boat he is building for sale. He is still concentraing on building TS2 so I hear from my local grapevine.


whatever you called it , a ts 2 ts1 ts3. this boat looks good. i would not mind seeing more pictures of it. would not mind seeing it out of the water. maybe even a shot at the rocker panel