Finally bought an IOM, a Craig Smith TS-2. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.

G’day Steel Knee

I owned a TS2 for several years. They are an excellent boat, fast, easy to get into the groove and make an average sailor look good.
I’d suggest you log onto Craigs web site http://rcyachts.net/TS2/index.htm and download his setup book. You will find all the important measurements in there. If your boat is second hand, the previous owner may have changed mast rake etc. Its very important to have this dead right. Another site you may lke to check out is http://www.tsdesigns.com.au/ this is Gary Camerons TS3 site. Gary designed the TS2 and has an excellent set up guide you can download. It shows sail twist, boom settings etc, and from what I remember is very close to the set up for the TS2. Mast rake is about the only difference.

Hope this is of help to you.