Trivia Quiz of the Geographic Type

OK, no lookin’

Which is nearest their respective poles:

The eastern entrance to the Magellan Straits OR Dublin Ireland?


All I know. . . is that reagardless of the right answer. . .this one is pretty close when looking at it from a Global Perspective.

Im going to take Dublin Ireland though. But odds are about 50/50 of me being right . . or wrong

no idea, but my guess is Dublin…heres the reason

I did a taste test one time on that particular beverage. I was in Ireland and had to reposition from Limerick to Boston. So… just before the flight we went to Dirty Nellies and knocked back a couple and then hopped on Air Lingus to JFK (riding in 1st class) we were able to sample the same beverage in the Draught can which was remarkably good, and quite close to those in the Pub. Then… upon arrival we hopped in a cab to local boozery and had the same thing in a New York establishment, and we were in agreement that the quality in New York was the same as it was in Ireland… all in the interest of science mind you.

We attempted to publish our results… proclaiming the beverage safe and accurate to be had and enjoyed bringing forward all of the Irish heritate it’s reputation brought with it, but nobody gave a rat’s rump. By the time we made it to Boston the next day… we didn’t care either… but that sure was a LOUD flight… I remember that much.

That’s all very well Larry BUT I wanna know if you can navigate as well as dwink. Dublin, hic, or Magellan Straits?

OK. I’ll be the odd one out and say Magellan Straits.

I was RIDIN… not driving… those Irish fellas were handling that part. I can navigate around the bar fairly well though. I was flying with Casey O’Flynn once and he heard me on the phone before we left JFK telling a friend on the phone that I was going to miss the golf tourney that weekend because I was going to be “stuck in Ireland all week.” Casey looked at me when I got off the phone and said in his Irish accent… “Son… ya dinna get stook in Ireland”

So, I took my clubs with me and we played a round over there, in the rain… but then it ALWAYS rained.