triple crown vs mistral

I have been reading and searching a lot and now I 'm going to build up the triple crown. Again for my last minute decision i’m still thinking of mistral.

Has anybody built up both triple crown and mistral, what is the proformance difference of both? and which one is easier to build ?

if i decide to go for the Triple crown, any building suggestion or hints and tips for the hull, keel, rudder and etc.


The Mistral is a 7.25 lb US One Meter, not a legal IOM. The triple Crown is an IOM. Going into IOM or USOM? Best to check with the local clubs if you want to race with them.

been a while since I read the IOM rule. What would keep the mistral from being legal as an IOM?


The problem with converting any US1M to an IOM is that it will no longer float at its design waterline, once its weight has been increased to 4kg.


what you should look at is what people sail around you. both boat are good boats. but 3 crown is a very different boat than mistral. if poeple are sailing us 1 meters in your area. why build a IOM. and in my humble opinion. you can also build advance. which i think is a better us 1 meter. the minuteman have fixed the mistral design. they call their boat mistress.
you should look into what people are steering. or build both? the hull are cheap to make. talk to ( alberta clipper) he is doing both
long live the cup and cris dickson


The Mistral would be floating too low with all the weight needed in the bulb. Too much water to move out of the way!


many thanks to all
Actually i do not want to race with anybody just to have fun with my kid. The boat that i 'm looking for should be quick in light wind and plane well in heavy weather or open water or sea. That’s why i 'm interested in 3 crown. I even think of reducing the keel weight but increase the keel fin length, Could i do that ?

To :Cougar
how to contact alberta clipper ?

thanks katechai

I understand that steve. . . I was looking for the all up weight of an IOM in lbs. I knew it once, but forgot. . . 8.1 lbs?