I would like to show some pics of my Trimaran but i dont know how i should do it. I have fotos saved on my computer, and then what? Computers is still a secret world for me / Erik

welcome to forums… To post a picture make sure it is no larger than 1 MB. (in order to be kind to those who dont have broadband).

Onward to post a picture.
When you are posting you will see a box saying additional options in blue. Inside that you will see Misc. Options and underneath that you should see a button saying Manage Attachments Click on that button.

You should then see a pop up which will have a field that says “Upload files from you computer” Click on the Browse button next to that field and then navigate to where your picture is saved. Once you have found that file click on the button Open button.

You should now see the Attachment field filled in with the path to that file. Click on Upload. (It may take a few depending on your connection speed and the size of the picture. Repeat the above two processes until you have uploaded all the pictures that you wanted (limit is five).

When you are done hit close on the window that popped up. you should now see the file names in the attachment files box. Now just click Submit when you are finished and you should now see your pictures as thumbnails.

If you still need more help or explanation let me know.

The page “Manageattachments” does not load completely on my computer. And when i try to upload my pics it just says… page cannot be shown. whats wrong?? / Erik

I think i know now how to load the pics. This may sound a little funny, but this is my first rc-boat ever! The only experience i have from wind and water is 20 years of windsurfing. And i dont know what to do with the thing! Where should i put the winchservo for example? How does a swingrigg work? For me there is alots of ??? right now. Maybe you guys can help me out a little bit / Erik

Where do you live? Please add to your profile, since it would be helpful to know in case there are other builders/owners close by.

The boat looks familiar - like an Ernst Zeamann design from Austria. If it is, you need to contact Ernst to get the location of radio gear and how to rig. If it is his design, he should have - or - be able to provide you with his suggested locations since it’s balance will be critical when sailing.
We can guess, but much better to ask and get design information from the original designer.

How do i complete my profile?

I have bought the Tri from E Zemann, i live in Sweden. I think i am the only one here with a boat like this / Erik

Go to FAQ (frequently asked questions) under “Change My Profile” and you will find a link that allows you to update your personal profile.

As for the boat - it sounds like you too were caught by Ernst. He sold a few boats, but never (to my knowledge) provided any dimensional information as to where/how to hook up mast, radio gear or daggerboard placement, etc.

Only suggestion I can make is to go to the “Members” section, select “H” and personal message “HOJ” as he had same problem, but I think he has it worked out. HOJ is out of Hawaii. Perhaps he can help you with dimensions and locations. You can also try emailing/ personal messaging “BEACHBUM” who also has one of Ernst’s boats. BEACHBUM is out of Finland as I recall.

Good luck

Can the moderators move this to the Multihull section of the forum, please?

I will let you know about the progress with this thing / Erik

Is there anybody out there who have have some pics on a Trimaran with svingrigg to share? I would like to have some guidelines how to install the rigg and winchservo on my own ship / Erik

I found some old pics of your assembled boat in my archives.
I hope it helps! -

Some more old pics.

Hannu Jarvela’s “Code RED”, which was the second “Nightmare 48” I had designed; - and built especially for him. -

And my first big rc-trimaran - the “Neonmonster” - 1.83 x 1.83 cm - designed and built 1993-94